Tara B. Giblin, RN, MS, MPH, CPNP

  • Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
    Coordinator for the Wellness & Survivorship Program, Adolescent & Young Adult Program
    and Neuro-Oncology Program

Tara Giblin combines her enthusiasm for advanced practice nursing with public health in providing evidenced-based care to oncology patients and survivors.  Tara began her career in healthcare in 2003, when she received her Masters in Public Health from Emory University and worked at the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.  She went on to pursue her nursing education at Columbia University and became a certified pediatric nurse practitioner in 2008.  Tara is the clinical coordinator of the pediatric Wellness & Survivorship program, the program coordinator for the Adolescent & Young Adult (AYA) program, and also serves as the primary nurse practitioner for the pediatric neuro-oncology service.  With a special interest in health promotion and disease prevention, Tara’s skills extend beyond clinical assessment and diagnosis to health communications and education aimed at keeping patients and families healthy.  She is a strong advocate of the Medical Home Model of care, working collaboratively with members at every level of the healthcare team to ensure that patients receive comprehensive, efficient and appropriate care.  When she is not taking care of patients, Tara can be found spending time with her husband and two children.